5 things the US could learn from Covid-19 handling in Europe

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Every country is dealing differently with the Covid-19 pandemic. This is partly due to the fact that different levels of knowledge allow politicans to make different decisions.

While the Chinese government had almost no information about this new virus and made regulations very rigorous but without scientific consideration, Europeans have already had more time to think about how the continent can get through this crisis as best as possible. However, in Italy, we have seen that it came as almost a surprise that this pandemic had taken on such proportions. At that time, there was no talk of Covid-19 in the United States, but we now have a very different picture: the numbers are rising exorbitantly on the American continent, Europe has survived the first phase and has been able to contain the large herd and is now preparing for the second. And especially with this second wave, we can see quite clearly what mistakes are being made in Europe.

The United States would therefore be well advised to learn from the mistakes of the old continent. These 5 measures could help to improve the covid-development in the long term:

1. Mask duty must remain

In Europe, the obligation to wear masks was in some cases abolished far too quickly. The consequence: people no longer keep their distance and thus reinfect each other.

The mask has the purpose to create distance, which is difficult for us humans, but is basically very important to consciously experience the importance of distance again and again. In Austria, a mask obligation was almost completely abolished in early June. Meanwhile, the number of infections is rising again very significantly. It is very difficult to contain them again with this casual contact. At least until the disease can be treated, it would be advisable to wear a mask in closed rooms and during activities where close contact cannot be avoided.

2. Suspend freedom of travel for longer periods

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The tourism industry is an important economic sector not only in Europe, but all over the world. Millions of jobs depend on it. In Europe, the restrictions on travel between member states were largely abolished at the beginning of the summer.

As a result, the virus can now spread across the continent because travellers are main carriers of the virus. The damage caused to tourist resorts by a Covid outbreak is much higher and more lasting than the loss of sales this summer. Short-term thinking is always a mistake in this crisis.

3. Clubs and bars must take distances seriously

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Especially in night gastronomy it is absolutely necessary to control strictly. Due to the influence of alcohol, most people quickly forget that a pandemic is currently sweeping the world.

What follows are loud talking, close physical contact and sharing drinks. This is a paradise for the corona virus, which can thus spread to a large number of people in a very short time. It is clear that clubs and bars are one of the biggest losers in the crisis, but nevertheless they are the most dangerous sources of spread.

Due to the influence of alcohol, most people quickly forget that a pandemic is currently sweeping the world. What follows are loud talking, close physical contact and sharing drinks.

4. Distance learning has a future

Schools, universities and childcare facilities are particularly dangerous. Keeping distance is difficult here because many children do not take the importance of it seriously. Care must be provided, but the technical possibilities available today should not stand in the way of digital teaching.

5. Churches are dangerous

Many new outbreaks of coronavirus are due to churches. Singing, close contact and speaking loudly are three behaviors that make these enclosed spaces so dangerous. It is a fact here that many older people regularly attend churches and this target group is very vulnerable anyway. It would be important here to close churches or take the rules of distance very seriously.

In the future, even more problems and wrong decisions will arise, and it is not possible to proceed quite correctly at this time anyway. But these five measures are an important beginning, which can be helpful for many regions in the world.

But the best thing is still: keep your distance, wear a mask, wait and see. Things will get better again. Eventually.

German and History Teacher, hobby Web Developer, based in Austria 🇦🇹, interested in politics and pretty much everything!

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