CSS gives us such powerful possibilities to create even better websites, even 2021. Although there are many frameworks that help us designing websites even faster, the “basic” CSS has lots of great features that are still important and useful in 2021.

In this article I’d like to show you five…

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Most of the time it is quite annoying: You participate in a referral partner program, for example at Amazon, and only rarely a purchase and the associated commission materialize.

Promotions on social media are usually very successful, but followers find alternative ways to get to the advertised products. In this…

Die Begründung ist hart, aber deutlich.

This is the german version. If you want to read this in English, here’s the link!

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Auf den ersten Blick ist es doch unlogisch. Die Angst vor einer übermächtigen Regierung, einer geheimen Weltverschwörung aller Politiker und Wirtschaftsbosse, ein kinderbluttrinkender Promi… auf diese Ideen muss…

The reasoning is tough, but clear.

“Corona Lies” on a Wall in Germany
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At first glance, it is illogical. Fear of an overbearing government, a secret world conspiracy of all politicians and business bosses, a celebrity drinking children’s blood… How can someone believe this stuff? …

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Every country is dealing differently with the Covid-19 pandemic. This is partly due to the fact that different levels of knowledge allow politicans to make different decisions.

While the Chinese government had almost no information about this new virus and made regulations very rigorous but without scientific consideration, Europeans have…

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Think of one of your first dates: It doesn’t take long before the other person asks what you are doing professionally. It is often said, that the first impression counts, but sometimes it is not only the appearance, it is also what we do in our lives. The profession is…

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It is no secret that Europeans have never really understood the Republican political course. It is too difficult for us to understand, how liberal gun laws can be approved. The small-scale political landscape, which has prevailed in Europe, can hardly be compared to a two-party system.

There are also extremely…

Andreas Stadlmayr

German and History Teacher, hobby Web Developer, based in Austria 🇦🇹, interested in politics and pretty much everything!

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