How to make money by sharing referral links on social media

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Most of the time it is quite annoying: You participate in a referral partner program, for example at Amazon, and only rarely a purchase and the associated commission materialize.

Promotions on social media are usually very successful, but followers find alternative ways to get to the advertised products. In this case, the advertising partner profits twice, but the influencer on social media profits much less. This is because the direct route to the product in the online store is often an obstacle course and the frustration in the process is big.

This is where a central dilemma arises: In the fashion sector, for example, entire outfits are often advertised, which cannot all be stored in a swipe-up link on Instagram — but only one.

This is not new, is outdated. Because links don’t appeal, links don’t give an impression of what something looks like, links aren’t sexy.

Recently a new tool launched to provide a solution for this problem: The goal of this website: A link page that is not based on text links, but on images. Thereby all products can be marked on a previously uploaded image and connected with the appropriate referral link. And the goal is already achieved: The potential customers reach the desired product with two clicks. landing page landing page

Referral marketing can succeed so easily with Another advantage of is the possibility to create multiple pages with one account. After all, who posts just one story or one post? Several pages can be created, filled and linked in a matter of seconds.

First you need to register, add a profile picture for all of your pages and a design for your first page.

Afterwards you can add links, videos, texts, recipes and a lot more to your page and set the design. But there’s the main feature: image tag!

After adding the image tag and uploading an image, add a title and a subtitle (you can also use hashtags and mentions in these inputs!)

By clicking on the image again, you can set points and links on the image. Save it and thats it.

Don’t forget so set the image tag card on visible and then you’re ready to go.

With you have a new tool with creative ideas of building a better social media experience. For influencers, customers and companies. Inspo is build for referral marketing and for you and your community.

German and History Teacher, hobby Web Developer, based in Austria 🇦🇹, interested in politics and pretty much everything!

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