These professions are the most (and least) attractive

Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Think of one of your first dates: It doesn’t take long before the other person asks what you are doing professionally. It is often said, that the first impression counts, but sometimes it is not only the appearance, it is also what we do in our lives. The profession is very important in dating. Standout CV carried out a study in which two fictitious profiles with changing job titles were measured in the dating app Tinder based on their swipes. The test period lasted half a year. Both homosexual and heterosexual profiles were addressed.

Let’s start with the least attractive professions: politicians. Only 15 percent opted for a swipe to the right. Influencers (22%) and bus drivers (23 %) are also less in demand. Waiters and models with less than 30% click rate are also not of these sorts of professions, with wich you can make an impression.

The situation is quite different for the job title of web designer. A total of 82% swiped the profile with this job title to the right. This makes the IT creatives the most attractive people on Tinder, at least when it comes to first impressions. Veterinarians (79%), architects (77%), doctors (77%), marketers (72%) and lawyers (70%) also play in the top league.

Certain prejudices related to individual job profiles often show an image of income class, intelligence or the way people behave. For example, a veterinarian is assumed to be particularly sensitive, while the job as a bus driver is associated with less ambitious people.

You can find out on the date whether these prejudices are correct or not. And as we have heard so many times, you can be particularly wrong about these quick prejudices.

Find out more about this topic on the website of standout cv.

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