This is what European Media talk about Trump right now

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

It is no secret that Europeans have never really understood the Republican political course. It is too difficult for us to understand, how liberal gun laws can be approved. The small-scale political landscape, which has prevailed in Europe, can hardly be compared to a two-party system.

There are also extremely “special” heads of government in Europe, who have once again proven in the corona crisis, that nothing matters except their ego. This is sold to the population as patriotism. The latest EU summit, for example, has brought only a minimal program of consensus, because some of these politicians thought, that they are more important than fighting a global crisis and helping each other.

In the US, from a distance, these negotiations seem a little easier. Although the states have their federal power, there is still a boss who holds the reins in his hand. While lots of people in Europa are still afraid of a strong hand that leads Europe (which may be due to a hand that was too strong about 100 years ago), a political leader has been reality in the United States for much longer. But what if this person lies notoriously?

It is known that there are always inconsistencies between what Trump says and what actually corresponds to reality. What is unusual, however, is the clear language of the international media, which make a very tough judgment.

An example of this is the German magazine Stern, which published the following lead text in an article on the USA in an article dated July 20:

The US could hardly be in a much worse position than it is now, a few months before the next presidential election on November 3. The President — largely inactive, instead aggressive and divisive as ever.

( / July 20)

Admittedly, this statement is probably very general, nevertheless it is the information that arrives in Europe. In the german news show Tagesschau, Trump is accused of missing one topic after the other and lying constantly and relaxed:

19 lies in a row (…) Trump used a press conference in the White House for an extraordinary campaign appearance. He constantly attacked his rival Biden with numerous false claims.

(ARD / July 15)

The Austrian state television has also given a tough statement concerning the Fox interview from July 19.

In an interview, the president reveals his apparently disturbed relationship with democracy. (…) This even leads his smooth lies, which he constantly gives out, in the background.

(ORF / July 20)

Because of these media reports, the extremely critical image of Europeans about politics in the USA has arisen. And that is why the incomprehension arose for the US population, who elected this person and still defends some of his decisions, even having disinfectants injected, because belief is much more important than rational thinking.

Whatever the election will bring in autumn, Europe is looking forward to it. We also have these “special cases” of heads of government, but they can trigger less in the European Union than a man from the USA for or against the whole world.

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